Saturday, February 6, 2010

Easy steps to edit IP addresses of Windows Hosts file

As you know, WinHosts files has mapping of IP addresses for the specific domain URLs. Therefore, you can edit to add or remove any specific IP address and respective domain URLs on Windows Computer using WinHost file. Using this feature, you can speed up or block any specific websites you want.
If you want to make this work simpler, you can use WinHost bss. It is a free program to edit or remove WinHosts files easily and quickly on Windows Environment. Moreover, it has come out in portable form. Therefore, you can just download and extract the contents in specific folder or destination.

All you have to do is, just enter the IP address, Host Name and then click on the “Add” button in order to update WinHosts file. The IP address you enter in the tool will be blocked. At the same time, if you add correct IP address for specific domain, then website will be opened quickly.