Thursday, February 4, 2010

Eco Shower saves the environment and electricity

In today’s mobile life, everyone likes to have a hot water shower after the busiest schedule and they don’t care about the wastage of the water and the electricity. However, this is a different concept named EcoShower that integrates various handy ecological features in order to minimize the use of water and energy efficiently. A turbine is incorporated inside the shower concept in order to produce the required energy to heat the water from the water flow through showerhead. Moreover, the water flow will be automatically regulated by the system in accordance with the weight of the user. EcoShower is able to recycle the water to reduce fresh water use.

In addition, the designer Paul Frigour has made this EcoShower with the steel and glass, recycled concrete instead of using the traditional non-recyclable ceramic. Therefore, you can have an eternal and useful enjoyment with this EcoShower.