Sunday, February 14, 2010

Features of PostgreSQL PHP Generator

As there is not limitation for the creativity and the productivity, there is yet another tool is available for you. The name of the tool is PostgreSQL PHP Generator used to generate high-quality PostgreSQL PHP Scripts for selected tables, views and queries. It is a GUI frontend tool, which lets you work through the web. Although the tool has come out with more features, yet it is available free. You can save money from hiring the programmers or learning the programming language in order to generate the scripts. At the same time, it is a reliable tool and lets you easily manage the Data with the ability to add, edit and delete the records.
Moreover, you can easily customize HTML appearance, filter and sort records. Protect the Data using a reliable encryption and security settings. In addition, multilingual web apps features you lookup options in order to look for master detail relations and integrated script navigation.

•    Data management: add, edit, delete and copy records
•    Customization of the HTML appearance
•    Filtering and sorting abilities
•    Data protection with a lot of security settings
•    Master-detail presentations
•    Event-driven content management
•    Data export to PDF, XML, CVS, Excel and Word