Monday, February 22, 2010

Futuristic mobile home concept Dynamic Domicile

DD well known as the Dynamic Domicile is designed by Naomi Keena. It is an innovative mobile home concept features exciting mobility, habitable flexibility and futuristic design to eliminate the nuance of the users. The concept is made with four different ideas; they are futuristic architectural design for next generation use, implementing avant-grade materials in a non-conventional way, re-imagining a functional transport infrastructure and a dynamic transforming flexibility.
Moreover, this concept is able to bring a constant Primary Structure of the mobile unit and separate Compartments in order to live, sleep and cook with alternative to be attached with the primary structure.

At the same time, the translucent man-made fabric body of this concept is durable, flexible, soft and water resistant that provides privacy and shelter by being stretched on opening the primary structure.
The concept is able to get access to the self-sufficient and resourceful Zip-City infrastructure when the mobile home reaches its destination.