Friday, February 26, 2010

Get ultimate and futuristic overland journey with OEX B Vehicle

For an ultimate futuristic overland journey, a new concept has been revealed by Hamidreza Bekhradi and IVECO. The name of the concept is OEX_B that focuses on improved visibility of the passengers to create an innovative sightseeing vehicle solution. The concept has road side facing panaromic seats with a large porthole and it is able to hatch on the rear end of the vehicle that opens for the passengers in order to observe behind the vehicle. In addition, the concept features a built-in binocular on the lateral extendible balcony. This balcony lets the passengers to see distant things and take photos of them. A series-hybrid System is used in this concept in order to power the vehicle.

This series-hybrid is supported by a diesel generator that makes the concept powerful to perform in a different terrain. At the same time, the concept features a retractable solar in a flower shape that generates alternative power for the vehicle to perform well.