Thursday, February 4, 2010

Guardian latest and innovative fire extinguisher

If you want to have an innovative fire extinguisher, you can simply go with the Guardian. It has been designed to fulfill the needs of the users with the latest technology in fire extinguishment. Moreover, it is considered as the most concerned matter during the emergencies. It has come out with a 3V battery with the ability to be recharged via the Solar Panel and lights the LED bulb on the surface. You can access the LED, battery and Microchip by removing the handle that has the buttons and track system to control the range of the movement of the handle and aids to hook at various points of the house. Handling the Guardian Extinguisher is easy, just point the nozzle at the firebase and press the handle forward in order to discharge the extinguisher agent.

Even more, you can replace aerosol can by just pulling the cap off by pressing the buttons of the each side of the cap. At last, know the designer of this innovative product, Sydney Minnis.