Monday, February 22, 2010

How to create System Repair Disc in Windows 7

If you are looking to create a System Repair Disc and don’t know how to create it, make use of this article. We have given the detailed steps to create the System Repair Discs. The System Repair Discs let you perform System Recovery, launch the Recovery Tools and fix the issue with the Computer. Moreover, you can restore the Computer from a System Image using the System Repair Discs. All you have to do to create the System Repair Disc is follow the steps. Remember, the steps we have given here need a CD/DVD/BD Optical Drive with the capability of recording to blank media.

1.    First, insert the Blank Media disc in the Optical Drive.
2.    Then, go to the Start Button and in the Search programs and files field.
3.    Now, “repair disc” in the Search programs and files field.
4.    Then, press the Enter Key.
5.    Now, you have to click on the Create Disc Button from the Create a System Repair Disc Window.
Important Notes:
You have to select the Driver manually, if your Computer has more than one Optical Drives with the capability to burn the Blank Medias. Moreover, in the Drive Field, the appropriate Optical Drive should be displayed automatically.
•    You should remove the Disc from the Optical Drive when the Using the system repair disc window appears. Then, follow the onscreen instructions to name the Disc appropriately and then click the Close button.
•    Then, click the OK button in the Create a System Repair Disc Window.