Sunday, February 28, 2010

How to disable or enable Animation happens when I maximize or minimizewindows in Windows 7

Even If you’re a novice for Windows 7, you might have noticed the Animation whenever you close or open any Windows. If you are okay about that no problem, but if you’re getting irritated it is the major problem. Therefore, you can disable or enable it whenever you want. If you’re second type, let’s try together to disable the Animation feature of Windows 7. All you have to do is, just follow the steps as exactly mentioned in this article. However, it is familiar for those who are good in the Windows 7 Operating System.

•    First click on the Start Menu and select the Control Panel.
•    Now, select System from the System Security option.
•    Thereafter, select Advanced System Settings from the left pane.
•    Then, go to the Advanced Tab in which you can view Settings tabs.
•    Now, you have to choose the first Settings tab that is for Performance.
•    Then, choose the Visual Effects tab and disable (Uncheck) the option Animate Windows When Minimizing or Maximizing option.
•    Remember, for the above option you’ve to select the Custom option. Just click on the Radio Button available for the Custom option.
•    Then, click on Apply and then on OK.