Saturday, February 13, 2010

How to hide or move Taskbar icons and applications from the Taskbar

Using Taskbar Helper, you can easily organize the Taskbar more efficiently and handy. It is a simple and multi user tool. When you read the name of the tool, you can easily recognize the purpose of this tool. It is a more comfortable tool comes with the capability to hide the rarely used Windows from the Taskbar in order to make the Taskbar clutter free. Taskbar Helper is a customizable interface that lets you display only the application you want to appear on the Taskbar. Moreover, you can hide or display the applications in the System Tray, minimize the programs, move the program, start with Windows and get the Automatic updates support.

Important features of Taskbar Helper
•    Show or hide application window - allows user to show or hide application windows from taskbar;
•    Show application in system tray On Hide – if the option is switched on, then icon of hidden windows appears in system tray, and allows user to access target application window by a single click on it;
•    Hide application window On Minimize – if the option is switched on for a target application window, then Taskbar Helper hides it, if user will minimize it;
•    Move programs on the taskbar - the feature allows user to change windows order;
•    Automatic update;
•    Start with Windows;
•    Save settings;