Sunday, February 28, 2010

How to transfer the files from the Sony, Nikon, Samsung and CanonCamerato the Computer

If you’re looking for transferring Photos from your Canon, Nikon and Samsung to My Computer or to My CD/DVD, bookmark this article as this will be very useful for you. We know you may have already tried transferring photos in the XP Computers. However, it is not such an easy job to transfer the Photos and burning them to the CD/DVDs. To come make the tough easy, you can follow the following steps.

How to transfer the Photos to the Windows XP Computer
For this purpose, we have two methods for you.
1.    First option is about, using the default Software that is shipped with the Camera that is Samsung, Nikon, Canon or any other brand.

•    Before following the steps, ensure if you’ve successfully installed the Camera Software in the Computer.
•    In this method, it is required to use the USB Cable with the Camera to a USB port on the Computer.
•    If the Software is installed in the Computer, the Camera will be detected automatically.
•    If Computer doesn’t detect, you’ve to locate manually from the Start Menu and Programs Menu.
•    That’s it. Now, you can follow the onscreen instructions to transfer the Photos to the Computer.

2.    Second option is about using the Memory Card that is shipped with the Camera. In order to follow the steps, you should have a Memory Card Reader and Card Reader slot on the Computer or the Laptop.

•    First, you have to plug in the Memory Card of the Camera.
•    As you know, the Card will be detected automatically in the My Computer.
•    Just open the directory, select the files you want to copy and paste them in the folders you want.
•    Once you finish the work, remove the Drive.

How to burn the Photos to the CD/DVD
In order to burn the Photos to the Medias, there are a lot of options available. Moreover, if you want to use the default application of the XP Operating System, you can use it. Just insert an empty Disc in the CD/DVD Drive and then copy the folder that you want to burn on the Discs and paste them in the CD/DVD Drive. Now, just follow the onscreen instructions to burn the Photos to the CD/DVDs. You can get the guidance from the XP Operating System to burn the Photos to the CDs. If you’re not familiar with this operation, you can use any burning Software like Nero or Roxio, even more you can find online.
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