Friday, February 26, 2010

How to view and enable Show Desktop Icon in Windows 7

You know the importance of the Show Desktop icon in Windows XP, although it is a minor component of the Operating System. From with Windows 7, you can have an alternative for this option Show Desktop Icon that is not quite as convenient as the original. However, you may have the option to create a Show Desktop Icon in Windows 7.

How to view Show Desktop Icon in Windows 7

You can have an option at Windows 7 Taskbar area for special functions just like Windows XP. Here, you can show the Show Desktop icon of Windows XP. You can have a small sectioned-off area that is unlabeled on the Taskbar and you can reveal its purpose just by floating the cursor of the Mouse over it. If you click on the button, all the opened programs will be minimized and revealed the desktop underneath. If you click it on again, all the minimized programs will be restored to their original position and state. If still you want to have the older one, you can create your choice to make it work just like available in Windows XP.

Steps to create a Show Desktop Icon in Windows 7
• Click on the Start Button, select All Programs.
• Now, select Accessories and select Notepad.
• Instead, you can type “notepad” in the Run Command Window to open a Notepad file.
• In the opened Notepad, you have to type the commands given below as exactly mentioned.

• Remember, there is no space between the Comma and the 3 in line three of the code.
• You’ve to be very clear about that.

• Thereafter, on the opened Notepad’s drop down menu, choose File and then Save As.
• Now, choose Desktop as the save location and you’ve to name the file as you like.
• The Notepad file should be saved with the the scf extension rather than the default txt extension.
Show Desktop.scf

• Once you’ve finished all the above steps in a proper way, you can get the Show Desktop icon on the Desktop of the Computer.

How to use the created Show Desktop Icon in Windows 7
Although storing the Show Desktop icon on the Desktop is not so useful, yet you can minimize everything just to get to it. You can easily make this icon pinned to the Start Menu of the Windows 7. In order to pin the Show Desktop Icon to the Start Menu, just drag the icon to the Start Menu Jewel itself. Then, it will be automatically pinned to the Start Menu.
Therefore, you can just click on the Start and then click on Show Desktop in order to view the Desktop. Moreover, you can add the Show Desktop icon anywhere you want including a toolbar on the Taskbar.

Before performing all the above steps, you should be very careful of the code given above and saving the file with the correct extension. Therefore, follow the steps provided above to Show the Desktop icon that functions just like available in Windows XP.