Monday, February 1, 2010

I cannot delete a user account and the Delete the account option ismissing

If you can’t see the delete option for a particular user account, either you are not logged in using an account that doesn’t have administrative privileges to modify the account or the account you are trying to delete may be a built in Administrator account which can’t be deleted.
If you’re ready to delete an account follow the following steps.
•    Restart the Computer, log in as an Administrator or an account with Administrative privileges. If the option to delete is still missing, continue the rest of steps in order to determine whether the account you are trying to delete is the built in Administrator account.
•    A built-in Administrator account is a user account created during the initial Windows Setup procedure that has full access and permission on the Computer. Moreover, by default the administrator account is hidden and doesn’t have a delete option in User Account in window.
•    Even if you have modified the account properties to make the account unhidden, it will appear on the User Account list as a normal user account to let you know that it can be deleted like other normal users.
•    Before, you are going to delete an account; you have to determine that if it is a built-in Administrator account. Therefore, the following steps will be very useful for you to view the account description.
To determine if the account you are attempting to delete is the built-in

Administrator account, follow this procedure to view the account description:

1.    As usual, you have to click on the Start button and in the Start Search field, type Run. Instead, you can press Windows Key + R Key.
2.    Then press the Enter Key.
3.    Then on the Run Window, type Control userpasswords2. Then click on OK.
4.    After that, in the User Account Windows choose Users tab.
5.    Then click to select the Account you want to delete.
6.    Now, choose the Properties.
7.    After that, in the Account Properties Window next to Description, if the description is Built-in account for administering the Computer/domain, it is the built-in Administrator account and can’t be deleted.
8.    Now, on the Account Properties Windows, click on Cancel.
9.    At last, in the User Account Window, click on Cancel.