Saturday, February 6, 2010

I want to change the name of a Windows 7 installed Computer

If you’re running Windows 7 Computer in a network, it should have a unique name to be unique from other Computers. However, most of us don’t know about changing the name of Computer. In this article we have given the steps to change the Computer’s name in Windows 7.

The main reason to change the Computer’s Name.
There are three main reasons in order to change the Computer’s name. Firs one is, Windows 7 is pre-installed in major Computer manufacturers like Sony, Dell, Gaetway etc. At the same time, manufacturers would give boring or crazy names for the Computers during the installation process.

Second reason is, you can name the Computers as you wish on whom it belongs or the location. For example, you can say Computer or GoogleComputer in order to find the Computer easily in a network.
Third reason is, consider if you’re buying a new Computer, you can downgrade it to old one to backup or printer server for the computers in your home. Therefore, renaming the old Computer will be descriptive to find out easily in a home network.
Steps to Change the Name of Your Computer
In order to change the name of the Computer, you should log on as an Administrator or with Administrative privileges. Just click on Start button, right click on Computer, and choose the Properties. Choosing Properties will open a System Information Window. Now, choose Advanced System Settings.
After choosing Advanced System Settings, click on the Computer Name tab and look for the Full Computer Name. Now, click on Change button.

Now, you will be able to look at the Computer Name/Domain Changes window. After that locate the box labeled Computer Name and type whatever you want to use as this Computer’s name.

At the same time, you can give the owner’s name of the Computer, location and the way should be used in the home or on the Network. After finishing, click on the OK button and restart the Computer.

Important Warning
You should be aware of changing the Computer’s name, even though it is so simple. If you connect the Computer to a home network, there is a possibility to point the pathways to the Computer or its files will cease the functionality. Therefore, you should have to edit the connections in order to re-establish the links between multiple computers or devices in the network. Moreover, some of the connections will be automatically updated.