Friday, February 12, 2010

I want to protect or mask my Email ID from Spammers, Spiders, Junkersand Robots

You may know the irritation of the Spammers, Junks, Spies and Robots online. They can trace the E-mail IDs and send the Spam emails. Most of us don’t care about that and a few us care about that. If you’re one among a few, this article will be very useful for you.
You can use any of the following websites. The websites are capable to generate either an ASCII version of a JPG image for your E-mail ID or hides your E-mail address.

Mask Email Image Generator
You can use the Mask Email Image Generator in order to create a JPG image format for the E-mail address. Moreover, it is able to make you safe from the Spiders that seek out Email address in order to send spam messages.
Just enter your E-mail Address in the form and specify the Font, Font Size, Background and the Font Color. Moreover, you can enter a border around the E-mail address by selecting the Border check box. You are offered some basic colors for the fonts and the Background colors.

Make sure that you’re saving the image file to your Computer. At the same time, the images on the Mask Email Image Generator will be deleted every three minutes. Therefore, it is not possible to link back to the image on their site. If you want to save the image, just right click on it and select the Save Image As option from the pop-up menu and use the Save Image dialog box in order to save the image to a chosen location on the Computer.

Thereafter, you will get an image file that can be inserted in the Web site wherever you would normally place a Mail To: link for people to send Emails you. Therefore, it will become impossible to scan the Email address for the spammers and Spiders on net.

Mask Email ASCII Generator
Second one is, Mask Email ASCII Generator. It is able to create an ASCII representation of the Email address. Just fill the form out on the page and click the ASCII Encode button.
If you want to get the link, highlight the text in the Cut and Paste Below section and copy it. Now, you can paste the link into your Webpage where you normally place the Mail To: links.

You might want to paste it into a text file for storage and later use. There is also a link under Test ASCII Link so you can make sure the link works correctly. This ASCII link for your email should fool most spiders.
Moreover, you can paste link into a text file for storage or use later. At the same time, there is an option available under Test ASCII Link to make sure the link works properly. If you create this ASCII link for your email address, they should fool the spiders, spammers and Junkers.