Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Latest rocking release Wordpress 2.9.2

An updated version of the Wordpress has been released for the bloggers. The version is Wordpress 2.9.2 has come out with the ability to fix the security vulnerability that was previously reported. The vulnerability was affecting all of the earlier Wordpress versions like 2.9.0 or later.
Earlier every logged in user can access all deleted articles and posts that have been moved to the trash. In order to fix this issue, this Wordpress 2.9.2 patch has been released. If you have untrusted users signed up on your blog and sensitive posts in the trash, you should upgrade to 2.9.2.  As always, you can visit the Tools->Upgrade menu to upgrade.

You can download this Wordpress 2.9.2 from official Wordpress website. Moreover, if you’ve configured your blog for automatic updates, you can also update the blog within itself.