Monday, February 8, 2010

My remote control stops working after installing a critical Operating System

If your Remote Control stops working after installing a critical Operating System Update, this article will be very helpful for you. You follow the following steps in order to resolve the issue.
Important Notes:
• In order to follow these steps, you should log in as an Administrator or with Administrative privileges.
• Before that, you should connect the IR Receiver to the Computer in order to follow the steps successfully.

1. Go to Control Panel, by clicking on Start Button or press Windows Key and R Key simultaneously, type “control panel” and then click on OK.
2. Thereafter, double click on Performance and Maintenance Icon from Pick a Category.
3. After that, double click on the System Icon in the Performance and Maintenance Window.
4. Now, click on the Hardware tab from the System Properties Window.
5. Then, choose the Device Manger box.
6. Now, double click on the Human Interface Devices icon in order to display all the installed Human Interface Devices.
7. Once you have chosen, choose Microsoft eHome Remote Consumer Controls listing.
8. Remember, the Microsoft eHome Remote Consumer Controls devices will need to be removed first to finish the process successfully.
9. Then on the Menu Bar, choose Action.
10. Thereafter, select Uninstall.
11. Now, click on OK button to confirm the un-installation process.
12. After finishing the process, if the System Setting change window prompts you to restart the Computer, click on No Button.
13. You can follow the same procedure to uninstall all the HID-compliant device listings.
14. After uninstalling all the Human Interface Devices, double click on the Universal Serial Bus Controller icon to view all the installed USB devices.
15. Then, click on the eHome Infrared Receiver Icon.
16. Then the same step as above, click Action from the Menu Bar.
17. Then, select Uninstall.
18. Then, you should disconnect the IR Receiver from the Computer.
19. Now, restart the Computer.
20. Once the Computer is restarted, you can connect the IR Receiver to the Computer.
21. Once you finish the process successfully, it will take about three minutes to install the Drivers properly.
22. Once the installation process is finished, the Remote Control will work normally.