Saturday, February 20, 2010

OLAP Statistics for Outlook - A perfect add-in for Microsoft Outlook

Are you looking for a perfect add-in for Microsoft Outlook in order to analyze Outlook and Exchange data in multiple dimensional view, you can go with OLAP Statistics for Outlook with no issues.
This tool is enhanced with multiple features and it is capable in order to analyze the ever-growing Outlook and Exchange data in multiple dimensional views. Therefore, it is easy to get the perfect ideas, insights and details of the emails, appointments and tasks. This tool can analyze grids, charts and graphs and supports pivoting, drill down/slice and dice and filtering. Pre-defined Outlook Fields and Custom Fields are supported by this tool. Moreover, it lets you save and share the reports as PDF, JPEG, HTML or PNG formats. In addition, if you want to have more from this tool, this tool supports POP, IMAP, Exchange mailbox and Public folders.

This tool lets you combine your data in any order you want, at any level of summarization, and over several times. Besides, it is possible to design your queries by clicking on the dimensions and by selecting the desire data elements for the analysis you need to perform. However, OLAP Statistics for Outlook is worth for the work you have to do.