Monday, February 8, 2010

Sphere Tureen innovative and revolutionary classical dish to serve soup

In order to bring a revolution and innovation in the world, the Sphere Tureen concept has been designed. It is a classical dish, especially has been designed for serving soup. It is a modern and eye-catching technology gadget. The main inspiration of the concept is to give the soup dish the shape of a perfect sphere with lot more efficiency than the traditional one. Moreover, an integrated cap is in the gadget with a rail mechanism that lets the cap open by sliding. In addition, it has two handles on the both sides to ensure for a convenient carrying. The handles are fixed along with the three-way raised base give it an impression like the fairy humpty-dumpty.

Therefore, there is no need of worrying to carry or service the soup. All it can be done quicker and safer with this Sphere Tureen Concept. Apostol Tnokovski is the designer of this innovative and revolutionary concept.