Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Helping Hand concept lets the paralyzed upper limb work

Joseph Cooper one of the best designers for innovative concepts. He has invented a new concept called The Helping Hand that is able to restore the functionality of a paralyzed upper limb. It will be the finest innovation for those who have lost the functionality of their upper limb due to the stroke. By wearing this Helping Hand, you can do the regular work like holding objects, eating, dressing and even writing. The concept of the technology is to transmit the signals from the Human Brain through neuro-implant to control the device. Therefore, you can easily move their hands, arms or fingers by simply thinking of any action. The concept has electro active polymer joint that lets you move the fingers or hand more effectively and naturally.

The straps in the concept are used to take their positions automatically when the device is turned ON. In addition, you can get an option to put on or take off whenever you want.