Saturday, February 20, 2010

Use Plant Perf to keep fruits and flowers fresh even after harvesting

Paul Frigout has developed an innovative Plant Perf concept aims in order to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to you that eliminate using chemicals that are harmful for health. The designer of the concept has designed the plant as attachable to the device right after being cut from the field to get the nutrients from the perf. Moreover, cornstarch plastic is used to create the body of the plant. There are three main part of the body, they are, the main body, bottle top and nutritious liquid. The stunning feature of the plant is its long top end of the bottle.

It remains locked when the you collect it and during harvesting, you can cut the fruits, insert the stem inside the bottle, and lock it by pulling the top upward. In addition, you can use it to keep flowers fresh for a long time according to your need.