Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wooden made USB Speaker comes in Heart Shape

Until now, we have discussed about so many different gadgets in our blog, some of them are Webcameras, Photo Frames, Mobiles, Music Players, Keyboards, Mouse etc. However, if you want to have something more than that, we are ready to offer you. In such a way, this is a new model Speaker made up of Wood and suits your needs. Using this Speaker, you can have an eternal fun and you can decorate your Desk with this Speaker. The speakers have been especially designed with High-quality sound and performance.

Some important product specifications:
•  As it is made up of Wood, it is well known as Wooden speaker.
•  It is available in Heart shape
•  Impedance of the Speakers is 4 ohm

•  The power output of the Speakers is 2.5W
•  The power consumption the speaker is 3W
•  The speakers feature 3.5mm audio plug
•  The speakers are powered by USB
•  Along with the above features it measures 117*95*35mm
•  Weight of the Speakers is 175g
If you have $22 in your pocket, you will become “The Boss” for this Speaker.