Monday, February 15, 2010

YouTube Disco follows Google Buzz

As soon as the Buzz starts to rock online, yet another feature from search giant has begun to knock our Computers. The name of the feature is YouTube Disco, this the newest feature and has come out with the slogan Find, Mix and Watch. YouTube Disco is a music exploration service asks you to enter an artist name, band or a song on the start page. Just enter the name and get the biggest database of the request and the display with a highlighted music play list of songs by that artist, related to the artist, artist information along with two additional play lists.
First play list comes with the original artist and related artist whereas, the second on comes with the exact artist and his related songs. At the same time, all the songs from all the lists can be mixed together and viewed on the same page. You can use this YouTube Disco to play songs from one artist or songs from the artist and related artists. However, we can surely expect the more features sooner on YouTube.

All we have to remember about this feature is the Video quality you get on this page may or may not be high quality videos because, you can get fan made videos also. It is reliable and one of the core features of YouTube Disco.