Sunday, March 21, 2010

A simplified, full featured and better tool for Network performancemonitoring

In our blog, we have already discussed about the many Network monitoring Software. In such a way, this is another tool gets ready to join the list. The name of the tool is Longitude that is able to monitor the Network performance with power and capability. Moreover, with this Software, you can have a better performance for your requirement about the Network Monitoring. It has been especially designed for monitoring, alerting and reporting purposes. It monitors your critical Windows, Unix and Linux Systems. At the same time, the Software is capable to receive E-mails, Phones, Pager Alerts, Generate SNMP traps and perform corrective action automatically. Therefore, you can use this Software to monitor multiple vital performance metrics, alerts and to solve the issues proactively.

Besides, it is able to track SLA performance and generate reports and graphs to display the performance of the Applications, Data Base, Messaging Servers, Network, Operating System and Web Servers.

•    It is an Agentless application.
•    It is not a prerequisite software
•    You can use it to deploy immediately
•    Easier to handle.

•    You can use it from anywhere as it is a web based interface.
•    It has a real time event monitor that serves as central console to speed up troubleshooting, drill down for the details and customize without leaving the Event Monitor.
•    It has a Real-time Statistics Dashboard that is able to present good performance indicators you choose.
•    The Integrated performance of the tool reports and graphs for root cause analysis, resource planning and documenting service levels.