Monday, March 8, 2010

Cognitive Balloon Concept to save Swimmers

In order to bring the maximum safety for the swimmers, the Cognitive Balloon concept has been designed. It is able to alert lifeguards about a danger of the swimmers. The concept aims to eliminate the difficulties of seashore lifeguards to spot a person in danger and their exact location. Moreover, the Concept is able to eliminate the hassle of the swimmers to wear inconvenient and ugly safety gears just by featuring a fashionable discrete wristband. In addition, the Wristband is able to release a balloon with a simple button press.

Therefore, swimmers can simply press the button to let the lifeguard know that he is in danger. As the balloons are filled by compressed helium gas, they are able to rise quickly. Therefore, even at a crowded area, the Swimmer can easily be identified if he is in danger. This trustworthy and useful concept has been designed by Min Ji Hong and Kim Dong Eon.