Friday, March 26, 2010

Disney Mickey USB Email Alert alerts you when you receive any Emails

If you’re feeling any difficulties to connect to your private email account, you can use the Disney Mickey USB Email Alert. It is able to let you know the status of the emails. Gmail, Outlook Express and POP3 are the supported mail accounts by the Disney Mickey USB Email Alert. This works in the background in order to inform you every time when you receive a personal email and the capacity of the unread Emails. Moreover, this Mickey will make a sound alert, twinkling and floating mail to alert you when you receive the mails.
The device is capable to interact with your typing position with the Keyboard Alert Mode. Another funny function of the concept is Fun Alert Mode, that lets the mails move up and own with light up by following the rhythm of the Sound effects.

Some Important Features:
•    Email Alert Supports: POP3 (including Gmail) , Outlook Express
•    Magical floating mail with light up and funny Mickey sound effect notify you for every you receive
•    Email Alert links you up with your private email account at all time, you can keep in touch with friends and enrich your personal life
•    Compatible with Windows 7 / Vista / XP (SP2 or later) / Windows 2000 (SP4 or later)
•    The Mickey interacts with typing detected on the keyboard. It will sound, together with different magical floating of the CARS
•    Easy user interface for installation
•    Dimension: 65 x 43 x 137mm (approx.)
•    Weight: 99g
•    Email Alert notifies you through the Mickey for every personal email you receive
•    Powered by USB 2.0 cable
•    Easy to install (simply plug in the USB 2.0 cable, No CD required)
•    No battery required