Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Get the stylish look and the ultimate functionalities with the RadicalWatches

If you want to have something different with your Wrist Watches, this fresh and innovative watch concept will bring you the ultimate functionalities with a stylish look. The main concept of the watches is to create technically pioneering watches with not only the interesting appearance, but also offers a mechanical experience for the users from the both lower and higher end. Moreover, this concept is a silent alarm and it is considered as the most incredible as it communicates to watch enthusiasts and offers you the real life practicality. The body of the watch concept is made up of chrome finished glossy metallic body along with the stylish and matching belt.

One thing is sure, if you look at the watch; you should have the money ready, as it will fascinate your in seconds. The name of the designer of the concept is Nicolas Lehotzky.