Friday, March 5, 2010

Glassy transparent funny USB Flash Drive blinks as per the Data in it

Mac Funamizu is the designer of this Funny USB Memory Stick. This concept is inspired by a Japanese revolving lantern and it is able to offer an excellent and unique aesthetic with its body. The body of the device is a glassy transparent and it is able to bring all of the convenient. Inside the body of the Concept, you can have different types of colored lightings for different Data. If you have images in the Device, the Pink color light will glow in the Device, Green light is for movies, Blue is for Documents and if there is not light it means no Data is written in the Device.

Moreover, you can make more fun of the concept by shaking the device as the light moves for your every shake. In addition, the Desktop icons have been customized in order to synchronize with the Operating System and to make it more admirable.