Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Google Chrome Browser and the Operating System are bundled with theAdobe Flash and the PDF Plug-ins

According to the news from the CNet, Google is planning to bundle its Chrome Browser and its Operating System with Adobe Systems’ Flash in a deeper partnership. The latest updates of the Google’s open source browser show that the Chrome will use the internal plug-ins for the Flash and PDF that are likely to be bundled with the Browser. Moreover, Chrome has been implemented with some NPAPI Extensions for the "2D, 3D, and mouse/keyboard events" by using the Mozilla Pepper, a platform-independent framework for browser plug-ins. Besides, there are already switches available for enabling the internal PDF and Flash Plug-ins with the browser; unfortunately, they do not work yet. In addition, we’ve been discussing about the issues for the past few months about the NPAPI as a platform independent browser Plug-in Framework. Therefore, we felt that there should be some changes with the NPAPI in order to keep with the recent developments in the Browser technology like out of process Plug-in execution and when NPAPI provides an extensive framework for writing the Plug-ins, most of them end up relying on the Operating System or the browser platform specific features.

At the same time, the Chrome OS could take the advantage of the latest Plug-in, as it is not required to install them manually. In other hands, Chromium build added a new internal page (chrome://plugins)  in order to disable the individual Plug-ins.

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