Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to control my Computer with the Mobile Phone

In our blog, we’ve already discussed about so many Remote Assistance Software. However, this is something new, which has never been discussed. This is also a Remote Control Software but it can be used even from your Mobile Phone. The name of the Software is Mobile Witch Remote Control that lets you control the Computer even with your Mobile Phone. Even more, it is available free for you and brings an effective performance in controlling the Computer with a Mobile Phone. Using this Software, you can control the PowerPoint Presentations, Mouse Cursors and explore the contents of the Computer from the Mobile Phone.
Besides these features, you can have the easy operation of iTunes, PowerPoint, Mouse, WinAMP and Windows Media Player (WMP).
Remotely control Mouse, Keyboard, PowerPoint, Winamp, Windows Media Player and much more

Some important features of Mobile Witch Remote Control
•    You can get access to the Computer desktop from the Phone.
•    Bluetooth setup is available free.
•    You can simply connect from the Phone.
•    Moreover, you can customize the Applications through the Keymaps or the VB and the JavaScripts.
•    It is able to support all of the PC Bluetooth solutions Toshiba, Windows, BlueSoleil and WidComm/Broadcom.

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