Monday, March 22, 2010

How to find the Internet Protocol version of Windows 7

Have you ever worried about the inability to find the version of the Internet Protocol that is in your Windows 7 Operating System? Now, you can put an end for that, as we are ready to provide you the information about this. In order to fulfill the demand of the IP Addresses, IPv6 has been introduced for the Windows. You can use the following steps to find out if the version is Internet Protocol IPv4 or IPv6. To do this you’ve to open the Network Sharing Center.

•    To open the Network Sharing Center, click on the Start Menu, type Network and Sharing Center and then press the Enter Key.
•    Instead, you can also open the Network and Sharing Center from the Control Panel.
•    Then, choose Network Sharing Center.

•    Now, you’ve to click on the Local Area Connection or on the Wireless Connection as shown in the picture.
•    Now, you can have the details about the LAN or Wireless.
•    Then, click on the Details button to find out the exact version of the Internet Protocol.
•    Now, you can see the exact version of the IPv4 and IPv6 that is currently running on your Computer.
•    At the same time, if you want to disable the IPv6 option, you can do it.

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