Saturday, March 27, 2010

How to fix Event 5064 and Hard Disk Corruption in Windows Server 2003

You can have a variety of Security, Data Backup and reliability features from the Windows Server 2003. Therefore, it has become popular among the users. This Server Operating System is easily scalable and brings you the best performance than the earlier versions. However, you can’t escape from the from the Data loss issues of the Windows Server 2003. Usually this issue may occur, if Hard Disk file systems are corrupted or by accidentally you reformat it. In such case, you’ve to use the recent Data backup in order to restore the missing or lost Data. Even though, the Data backup is not working, not updated or invalid, you can scan the damaged Hard Disk with an efficient Data Recovery tool.

Moreover, you might encounter some similar even in System log of your Windows Server 2003 Computer: Event Type: Error Event Source: Application Center Event Category: Replication Event ID: 5064 Date: date Time: time User: N/A Computer: servername Description: __CLASS: MicrosoftAC_Replication_Session_DriverEvents_ActionListTransfer_SendFileFailed_Event This error is specific to computer systems with Microsoft Application Center 2000 installed.
This Microsoft Application Center is the Software that lets Website Administrators and developers to deploy the Applications. You can get the error message Event 5064 when the Hard Disk of the Computer is damaged. Moreover, this issue may also occur if the System Index files like MFT: Master File Table or FAT: File Allocation Table are corrupted. If you want to fix this issue, you have to test and repair the damaged files and the System Index. You can run the chkdsk/r command to check for the files. If you get the same error even after performing the steps, then it is required to reformat the Hard Drive of the Computer and restore the lost files and folders from the recent Data backup. Okay, consider if you’ve lost the Data backup and you want to backup the Data, what can you do? No problem, you can retrieve the lost Data using the third party Data Recovery Software. As these applications are designed with a rich graphical interface, they’re easily understandable even for the novices who don’t have any technical skills.

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