Saturday, March 27, 2010

How to fix the STOP 0×0000000A Error message and partitiondeletedmessage

There is a file format in every Computer with which the Operating System interfaces with the file System Code. For example, New Technology File System (NTFS) is used in the Windows Operating System that uses ntfs.sys file, which is an Application Programming Interface (API) that is able to work as interface between the File System Codes and the Operating System. If there is any issue with the file will cause the file system unusable and cause serious File System Corruption and partition loss issues. However, if you’ve to come across such a situation, you can use the Windows Partition Recovery using the appropriate solutions.
For example, Computer is not booting up and it has encountered an error message as “STOP 0×0000000A” in ntfs.sys files after performing the improper Shut Down.

This issue mainly causes the difficulties from accessing the Hard Drive partitions and deletes the Partitions. If you’re getting ready to fix this issue, you’ve to find out the reason that causes the trouble and perform the troubleshooting steps accordingly.
What is the cause of the issue
This is mainly caused when the NTFS File System attempts to launch a Windows Partition when the Master File Table (MFT) or boot sector is changed. The main possible reason for this issue is an improper Shut down of the Computer. Even if there is any damage in the Partition of the Computer, you will be still able to access Data from the Drives.
Troubleshooting this is issue is not easy; instead, you have to identify the cause and try performing the troubleshooting steps. One of the famous troubleshooting steps is to do the parallel install of Microsoft Windows Operating System in the Computer. The parallel installation will show you the same STOP Error messages in the ntfs.sys file.
Let’s check for the solution
As we said earlier, it is important to find out the cause of the issue. Then, identify the corrupted partition. Thereafter, prevent the damaged partition from being mounted by the Windows.
If the Computer has damaged boot partition, then it is required to format the Hard Drive and recreate all of the partitions. At the same, this process will delete all of the Data on the Hard Drive of the Computer. If you still want to backup the Data, you can use one of the finest Software Partition Recovery to scan the affected Drive and retrieve all of the damaged or lost partitions.

Partition Recovery Software

The name of the Partition Recovery Software is Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recover. It is an advanced Partition Recovery tool that is able to run with the Windows Platform and to recover the Data from the lost, missing, inaccessible or damaged Storage Media. Moreover, you can use this Tool to recovery the Data from the Hard Drive, CD/DVDs, USB Drives, Memory Cards and the External Hard Drives. You can have this tool with a Boot CD that lets the Windows boot on an unbootable Windows System. At the same time, it is compatible for FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS, and NTFS5 file system partitions and stored data. This tool is able to recovery the Data, even if the Computer is infected with any of the following scenarios.
•    Virus Infection
•    File System Corruption
•    MFT Corruption
•    Accidental Deletion/Hard Drive Formatting
•    Operating System Malfunction
•    Partition Deletion or Corruption