Monday, March 8, 2010

How to fix the vulnerability of the Opera 10.5

Security Research Company has uncovered security vulnerability in Opera 10.5 and previous version. The name of the Company is VUPEN Security. Usually, the issue occurs due to the overflow of an error when the user visits website malformed HTTP headers. This security vulnerability has been confirmed that it works on Opera 10.50 for Windows XP SP3 with the likelihood that the other Operating Systems and Opera Version are affected as well.
Moreover, the Security Company has proved that the vulnerability can be exploited by attackers in order to crash the Browser and execute code on the Computer System. At the same, the Opera Browser was contacted by The Register after the disclosure of the vulnerability.

There is a patch under developing for this vulnerability, the sources from the “The Register” say. Besides, it is not confirmed that this vulnerability can be exploited. However, you can use it to prevent the Browser from crashing the Web Browser. Opera Spokesman Thomas Ford says, “ DEP, Data Execution Prevention Module, mitigates the problem”.
If you’re an Opera user, you should ensure if the DEP is enabled in the Operating System and it is recommended to access the trusted websites until a patch will be release or switch to another Web Browser in the meantime. Therefore, in order to get the fix for the Browser, you have to wait. Otherwise, get ready to face the Browser crashes.