Saturday, March 13, 2010

How to install Windows Updates offline

We know you may have updated Windows 7 using the default Updater as it is able to download the update from the internet to install it in the Computer. At the same time, if you want to update Windows 7, you’ve to manually go to online to update the updates in the Computer again. It is the greatest annoyance and you can easily come out of this though. Moreover, you can easily update the updates for Windows even offline. All you have to have is an Autopatcher tool. Using this tool, you can install the updates it can be installed in any number of Computers. This tool makes the downloading work easier. Therefore, you can download the Windows Updates like downloading the Software or any applications from Internet.

After downloading the Updates, you can install them in your Computer or in other’s Computer. You may also have an option to select necessary updates instead of downloading them directly. Even more, this tool is able to avoid risk of being blocked by Windows for genuine version. This tool is available for the Windows 7 Operating System, Windows Vista Operating System and Windows XP Operating System.

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