Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How to resize the Windows Dialog Boxes

As you know, normally it is not possible to change the size of the Dialog Boxes in the Windows Operating System. They have the fixed dimensions. Now, you can easily put an end for this trouble. You can resize the Dialog Boxes even it they are un-resizable. For this all you have to do is, just download the portable ResizeEnable tool. It is able to bring the functionality that lets you resize the any of the Windows Dialog boxes simply by dragging from either size of the Dialog Box.

How to use this portable ResizeEnable tool
• First, download the ResizeEnable tool program.
• Then, unzip the downloaded file and extract it by double clicking on it.
• Now, launch the program.

If you run this tool, it will be placed on the System Tray. As it has not user Interface Window, you can just get going with the resize of any Windows on the screen. Moreover, if you want to exit the program, just right click on the ResizeEnable icon on the System Tray and close it.