Sunday, March 28, 2010

How to transfer iTunes files from one Computer to another

When I’ve bought a new Computer, I had to copy iTunes from the old Computer to the new one. I thought that I could do it easily with my iPhones. Unfortunately, I had no luck. Then, I’ve searched on net and found the easiest way to share the iTunes between two Computers. You can move the songs legally and not get into the troubles with Apple or iTunes. Here, I’ve given the steps to perform the steps.

How to transfer iTunes Music from my old Computer to new
Consider, if you’re moving the music files from the old Computer to the new Computer, first go to the old Computer and move the iTunes library to a recordable media (CD/DVD) or flash Drive.
•    After that, go to the iTunes Music folder in the old Computer.
Windows: (Documents & Settings > [your username] > )My Documents > My Music > iTunes > iTunes Music
Mac: [your home folder] > Music > iTunes > iTunes Music
•    Then, copy the entire folder to a CD/DVD or Flash Drive.
•    At the same time, you can try zipping the files and sending them to your E-mail ID.
•    Then, in the new Computer, insert the CD/DVD or Flash Drive.
•    Now, open iTunes.
•    Go to File and then Add to Library.
•    Now, select the iTunes Music folder in the recordable media in the dialog box.
•    This process may take a few minutes to import the all of the copied files.
•    That’s it. This is how you can transfer the iTunes files from a Computer to another. , , ,