Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Innovative and futuristic street lamp concept Light Tree can replacethe conventional lamps

Light Tree is an innovative and futuristic concept that is about Street Lamp. It has been crafted like a tree with Nanotube solar cells with the ability to provide a unique aesthetics aside from great functionality. The name of the designer of the concept is Omar I. Huerta Cardoso and he has designed this concept with the combination of Hydroponic Techniques with the latest solar Cell Technology. In order to contribute the light generated by a range of ultra bright LEDs placed in the base, the concept has water inside. At the same time, the water feeds the seeds placed at the top extremities of the concept that will become plants soon and it will give you a complete appearance like a tree.

The solar panel in the concept is able to absorb lights from visible to ultraviolet light and convert them to electric energy. This electric energy is able to provide the power to lighten the LEDs during nighttime.