Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kanibot the ultimate and stylish Spider type Surveillance Robot withthe Camera

Norio Fujikawa has designed a new Robot and named it as Kanibot. This is an innovative Robot concept and can be used for the surveillance purpose because of its handy functionalities. Moreover, the concept features the legs like the Spiders but it has only six mechanical legs with the ability to perform all-way movement. At the same time, it gives the opportunity to go on almost any kind of surfaces. The main functionality of the concept is a powerful Camera that is located on the main body of the Robot. You can use the Camera to capture Photos and Videos. Besides, the Camera has a motion sensor with the ability to detect suspicious elements.

The tiny antenna of the Camera is used to send and receive signals and data to the base station. The color of the Robot is as fascinating as it comes with Black and Orange combination. However, the surveillance process gets ready for you.