Sunday, March 21, 2010

KARDIS K6.9 boat concept with two powerful engines features speed andcomfort

In order to bring the speed, comfort and futuristic boat design, a new concept has been designed called KARDIS K6.9. It is the next generation vessel and resembles the Cyborg robots. This ultra light-body concept has two power engines that let you attain more speed than most of the others in its category.  Moreover, you can have the comfort and ultimate sun bed with its interior revolutionary layout along with the versatile facilities. This concept is inspired by the sport boats that are able to reflect on its specially designed hull in order to ensure smooth and swift propelling over rough water.

In addition, the concept has been designed as the best Italian tradition in nautical designs. If you want to use it for daily family use and sport fishing, you can use it with no issues. The concept has been designed by KeyframeStudio.