Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New concept for blind people Touch And Go Navigation System

Natalia Ponomareva has designed a new concept called Touch & Go. It is an innovative navigational system especially has been designed for the blind people in order to make them self-directed. They can wear this navigational device in their hands. The Concept includes a hand gadget along with an earpiece and a tactile display. This display is able to provide the directions as a map. Moreover, this concept is able to direct at 1:1000 scale and remains in the center of the positions of the users. At the same time, it has an indicator arrow that directs the user to move in and supports the user via auditory signals to the earphone. This earphone has been equipped with an ultrasonic transmitter-receiver.

Therefore, it has become simpler to use this device and it remains with the back of the user’s hand with included Straps. However, this concept will be very useful for the blind people and they’re thankful for the designer of this concept.