Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nexus Scooter for the best commutation inside Airports

Nexus will be the finest solution for commuting solution inside the Airports as it is powered by an electric power. This Nexus Scooter concept has been designed by Francisco Lupin. There are two electric engines powered by four 12V Batteries in the front wheel of the Nexus Scooter. From these batteries, you can have 2 hours of continuous use for commuting. The rear wheel of the concept is a freewheel that provides a third point of support in order to ensure up to 110 Kg of load to be carried. Moreover, the front past of the Nexus concept has power plug with the ability to be used with either 110V or 220V. 6061 Aluminum is used to make the Handel bar of the scooter.

It has the ignition System and the speed controller to adjust the speed up to 15 Km/H. Therefore, this concept will become interesting and intuitive way to pass time and moving around for someone who have to spend maximum time inside the Airports.