Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Portable Efficient Calendar is an ultimate tool for scheduling,planning and reminding the events and the appointments

We’ve already discussed about many Calendars and Scheduler Software in our blog. In such a way, this is a new one called Portable Efficient Calendar. It is available free and it is a professional scheduler, planner and the reminder in order to organize the day-to-day events. Therefore, you can easily fulfill your needs like scheduling, planning and reminding the day-to-day events and appointments. As it has a configurable and highly flexible interface, the application can reduce the paper work by easily organizing the personal data. Moreover, this Application supports multiple calendar views that include Day and Month view. The Application is enhanced with a powerful document editor that works similar to the MS Word.

The Application features a list view option to arrange and track the appointments and events easily and quickly. Besides, it is possible to schedule the events and appointments in the visual ways by using different types of colors that can be set as per the importance and the priorities. At the same time, the Application features powerful search capabilities to find the information quickly.