Friday, March 26, 2010

Take a test drive of the Internet Explorer 9 in your normal Browser

Now, Internet Explorer gets ready to take on all of the rival Internet Browsers in the world. The latest version from the Microsoft is Internet Explorer 9. You can check out the latest capabilities of this Internet Explorer with the Internet Explorer Platform Preview. You can find the rocking demos of HTML5 and the Hardware accelerated performance with the Background compiled JavaScript. If you want to download the user guide and release notes, you can do it from the Microsoft site. Internet Explorer 9 has the GPU powered Sub-pixel that is possible by the new Windows 7 Direct2D and DirectWrite technologies. You will get an animation font by clicking on the “Animate Font Size” and you can change the size of the animated from 48 points to 96 points in half-point increments. Moreover, when it is viewed in the Internet Explorer Platform preview, the animation should be brisk and smooth. At the same time, if you view in the browsers that don’t support GPU-powered sub-pixel positioning, the text will appear to jump as the CPU and the positions of each letter are rounded to the nearest whole pixel. This browser is compatible with Windows Vista  or Windows 7.

H.264 Video: If you are talking about the HTML5 Killing Flash, then there is no doubt that you’re talking about this. Today, some of the websites such as YouTube and Vimeo, have been experimenting with Video Playback that really doesn’t require any types of plugin to the Videos. Moreover, this h.264 is the format is one of the finest options witch which the big sites really have to go the Internet Explorer starts supporting it.
Embedded Audio: This works similar to the process about embedding the Videos directly into a page without any need of a plugin. Therefore, you can add the Audio Files directly into the page using the Embed feature. Besides, Internet Explorer supports MP3/AAC Codecs.
Scalable Vector Graphics: It is used to allow the creation of the certain types of the Graphics that scale perfectly. This feature can be applied as they are drawn as vectors and not as the plain images. Moreover, you can handle the Flash Style animations with this.
CSS3: This is what with the web is formatted. At the same time, the Internet Explorer’s various CSS compatibilities have been maddening. However, IE9 is able to support more standards-based CSS3 comprising Selectors, Namespaces, Color, Values, Backgrounds and Borders and fonts. Moreover, it should support more before launch.
JavaScript: As you know, most of the modern websites are designed to work with JavaScript. However, even it has also become easier and simpler with the Internet Explorer 9.