Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Three futuristic EN-V Series Cars from the General Motors

Under the EN-V Series, but with a great combination of innovative and stylish outlook and various handy mobility features, three futuristic concepts have been unveiled by the General Motors. They are Electric Networked Vehicles and have been developed with the help of Segway, a balancing-on-two-wheels expert, different shapes, style and the ultimate flexibilities of the Electric Drive Train. The concepts have been designed for the main purpose of commutation for the 2030 urban centers. They have the ability of the two-wheel drivetrain and contain the latest technologies like GPS, Connectivity between the vehicles and the collection of the Cameras and the Sensors.

Moreover, the concepts EN-Vs have been powered with lithium ion batteries that are able to eliminate any kind of eco-harming emissions and enable the vehicles to run up to 40 miles for every recharge. Therefore, you can make your urban commutation more efficient with the Futuristic Vehicles EN-V by General Motors.