Monday, March 8, 2010

WordPress Comment Notifier lets you edit, modify and delete theComments offline

You may know the importance of the WordPress today as it is the finest backend for most of the blogs on net. Open Source is the major part of the fame of the WordPress and it supports the developers from worldwide. At the same time, it is able to offer the maximum number of plugins and themes. The developers have already started exploring possibilities of the Desktop Application for the WordPress.

In such a way, this is a new Desktop application for WordPress. The name of the application is WordPress Comment Notifier. It is written using QT/C++ that lets you know whenever you receive new comments for your blogs. Moreover, it is able to work with WordPress MU too. The application can display an icon on the System Tray and it will let you know if you get any comments for your blogs on WordPress. Moreover, the application lets you manage, reply or edit comments directly from the Desktop.

If you don’t want your reader to wait for the Comment to be live and also want the power to moderate the Comments, this is the best and finest choice for you. Therefore, most of your works become simpler and it is not required to stay logged in and to check for the Comments.