Friday, April 23, 2010

Audiograbber brings extensive features to rip the music CDs

Most of the users are still ripping the Music CDs even though the with the declining music CD sales. If you’re one among and looking for a better ripping Software, you can go with the Audiograbber. It is CD ripping Software for the Windows Operating System and features a comparable functionality to all time favorite Applications for the tasks like CDex or BonkEnc. You can use it to load the Audio CDs easily and to lookup the information at Freedb. Therefore, the Audio Track information will be automatically added to the Audio Tracks and rip the music to the local Computer with the MP3 format.
Moreover, this Audiograbber is able to support several MP3 encoders comprising the Lame and BladeEnc. The encoders will be linked on the program’s download. As the options of the program are provided in detail, you can easily edit the CD-ROM access method, naming patterns for the extracted audio tracks and directories, enable automatic deletion of leading and trailing silence, normalization, change the output format to wav, alter quality settings, configure external mp3 encoders and to edit tags directly in the interface.

At the same time, you can easily play the audio tracks directly in Audiograbber as it is handy to fine-tune the resulting MP3 or WAV files. The Audiograbber Software is compatible with most of the Windows Operating System including the Windows 7 Operating System and 64 bit editions. Therefore, there is no issue if you’re using any of the Windows OSs.

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