Friday, April 16, 2010

Autovelo Electric Bike Concept - the best solution for the urbantransportation

Autovelo Electric Bike from the Speed Studio Design will be very useful for us for short distance urban transportation. It gives you an extensive driving experience with its comfortable and convenient drivetrain. Moreover, the design has been especially made with automotive seating positions with the ability to bring the similar seating arrangements of a car through its identical back angle, seat height and foot position. You can easily enter and exit through its low-stepover frame and you can put your feet on the ground easily. Moreover, the front wheel of the concept has a unique feature and it measures 20 inches.

The wheels bring you a quick and easy handling of the Bike. At the same time, the Bike has an electric motor inside the rear wheel and the battery is neatly mounted below the frame. Therefore, you can easily get an ideal cycling platform from the Bike.