Thursday, April 8, 2010

Check the WiFi Signal Status using the WiFi Finder Backpack

If you’re using the Backpack, then it should be definitely for the stylish purpose only. The concept WiFi Finder Backpack is something different from the normal usage of your normal Backpack. Soyntec is the designer of this concept. The WiFi Signal Finder features the users a convenient detection of the WiFi Signal and its strength through its integrated screen. Therefore, you will be free of opening your Notebook Computer to find the signal every time. In this Backpack, you can keep a Laptop up to the size 15.6” with all of its accessories and all of these can be protected from the outer impacts. With this Backpack, you can have the adjustable strap shoulder to enable the easy fit for all range of the users.

At the same time, you can have individual compartments for Mobile, MP3 Players, Multiple Pen, and other accessories. It has been designed using the high-density nylon and guarantees longer user with maximum durability and stylish functionality.