Thursday, April 15, 2010

Free online appointment scheduler on the go

Appointment scheduling

We’ve already discussed about a lot of scheduling Software and Calendars. In such a way, this is new Software that comes to schedule an online appointment for you. Using this Software, you can choose your business hours and services and you can do it within just 3 minutes. With the help of automatic reminders via E-mail and SMS, you will never miss a scheduled appointment again.

Some important features of the Software
Online appointment scheduling
Using this Software, you can create your personal appointment in a minute.
Service & event scheduling
You can use the Software to schedule massage, beauty salons, coaching, yoga classes, events, meetings and workshops.

SMS Text messaging
For notifications, customer reminders and promotion messages, you can use the SMS feature.
Instant popularity
You can use your appointments and schedules as bookmark to get the instant access.
If you get a new online appointment, you’ll be notified by E-mail and Text Message to your mobile phones. Moreover, you can receive the individual notification for your own calendars.
Customer reminders
Your customers also can get the reminders via Email or SMS to their Mobile Phones.
Promotion tools
Using the Promotion Tools, you can send Email or SMS to all of your customers simultaneously. It will be more useful to intimate about the offers and to keep in touch.
Your TimeCenter-page
If you don’t have a Web site, you can get your own TimeCenter webpage that can be used as your own website just like
You can use the Journal feature to remember what you’ve spoken to your customer when you met them last time.
Customer database
In order to bring a better overview of the Customers’ previous appointments, personal preferences and contact information like Email Address, Telephone # etc.
Your logo
You can get a better brand recognition of your TimeCenter page when the Logo appears on the screen.
Customers manage their appointments
Using this feature, it is possible for the Customers to schedule, reschedule or cancel their appointments.
As it has 128 bit SSL encryption, your personal information will be secured and never be shared with any third parties.
No installation
If you want to use this TimeCenter, all you have to have is a Computer with Internet Connection.