Thursday, April 22, 2010

Get a luxury feel on a sporty road runner with Blue Dynamic Land Yacht

Using the Blue Dynamic land yacht, you can get a stylish and unique commuting. The concept features three wheels and a sail in order to design a Wind Powered vehicle with the ability of a simple and superb commuting. The name of the designer of the concept is Stefan Radev. As this is a combination of the Yachting and a sports car, you can get a strong construction and the sleek windscreen in order to provide you a better safety. The Windscreen can be elevated upward along with the steering wheel and dashboard to make the entry of the Driver. The durable sail of the concept has come out with an intermediary connection to the body through two steps. Moreover, you can adjust it manually or it can be adjusted automatically as per the wind direction through the sail control unit.

At the same time, the interior of the concept has been uniquely designed with high quality materials to bring the feel of luxury yacht. The black sideline of the concept covers the cockpit boundaries and underlines the areas like dashboard.